About Me

My interest in exercise, dance, yoga and bodywork techniques has developed over the years to include their use as a means of rehabilitation. Pilates is often recommended by health professionals for those recovering from injury or postural related problems. This led to an increased interest in the treatments offered for these conditions and my decision to train as a Bowen therapist.

There is undoubtedly a relationship between poor posture, body misalignment and the conditions that Bowen clients typically present with. In a number of situations, once realignment and rebalance have been restored with Bowen treatments then Pilates can assist with re-injury prevention.

I believe that looking at the body as a whole, not just as individual parts, is the key to restoring and maintaining optimum health, fitness and well-being. Both Bowen and Pilates fit well with this philosophy.

It is certainly the case that one technique can complement the other and that either or both may be appropriate at different times.

I find it very rewarding that through my work with both Bowen and Pilates I am able to provide people with the means and opportunity to help the body to help itself, bringing about lasting change and improved quality of life.